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Fast and Affordable 3D printing

We 3D print your model in beautiful full color.

Starting at just $0.70 per cm³.

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Discover Full Color Sandstone

What Our Customers are Saying

Jordyn Peterson

"Seeing a creation that you worked 100+ hours on come to life is a really gratifying feeling."

"Having your creation come to life in a tangible way is more awesome than I can put into words." ★★★★★

Kou Chang

"This is really awesome! I can't believe I'm holding this." ★★★★★

About Us

Solidyte provides 3D printing solutions to our clients around the world through rapid prototyping, 3D scanning and product design. Based in Woburn, Massachusetts, our team of highly experienced engineers, designers, and project managers craft innovative solutions to ensure quality work and timely services.

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